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How to register Linocut Prints

Swallow sitting on telephone wire linocut

 I’ve been asked a few times as to how I go about registering my linocut prints – that is, how do I line up each linocut representing a different colour?  So I thought I would do a blog post on how I approach it.  It does not follow a st… Continue reading


Creating a Collograph

Drawings of carp

Drawings of carpCreating different carp plates for collographAfter a holiday in Portugal where there was a beautiful carp pond at the place we stayed, I felt inspired to make a print of carp.  I decided to create a collograph, as I wanted to captu… Continue reading


Christmas Linocut – The linocutting process at high speed!

Partridge in a Pear Tree Linocut Print

Just as an experiment, I decided to download an app (Lapse It Pro) to film the linocutting process using time lapse photography.  As you sit in the one place for so long, the resulting films are not too bad!  Here are the different stages of … Continue reading


Hens Linocut Fabric Design

Hen Fabric

As you can see, I’ve turned one of my favourite subjects for linocuts – hens – into fabric!  Let me take this opportunity to show you the design process. It all started during our holiday in Anglesey in September 2014.  We were so lucky to ge… Continue reading


Things of Beauty and Utility 4 – Railway Track Chest

A mess of railway track piecesI continue to do battle with Estelle’s endless pile of toys – and this week, I declared war on the railway track pieces which were just shoved into the box they came in! Old tuck chest destined for skipI decided to re… Continue reading


Nappy Mat: Things of beauty and utility 3

Duckling fabric nappy matI’ve recently been designing my own fabric.  I created this duckling fabric and decided to make a nappy mat – lots of people I know are having babies, so it’s the perfect present!Start by cutting out 3 pieces of fabric. &n… Continue reading


Things of Beauty and Utility! Part 2 – Birds on a Bookcase

Flamingo Bookcase
Flamingo Bookcase
 Estelle has been lucky enough to receive lots and lots of books as presents – and they needed a home.  So I decided to hunt down an old bookcase in a charity shop and upscale it.

Estelle is crazy about pink, so I thought a bookcase decorated with my bright pink flamingo linocuts would be a good idea.

Bookcase from charity shop
Bookcase from charity shop

This is the bookcase I bought for a grand total of £12 from the Castle Furniture Project here in Perth.  As you can see, it had some glass doors, but I decided discard these.  The same furniture project sells recycled paint.  I chose a pale grey-blue colour as I thought this would be a good contrast to the pink flamingoes.  I lightly sanded the bookcase and gave it 3 coats of paint.

Flamingo Linocut
Flamingo Linocut

I scanned in my flamingo linocuts (which you can buy on Etsy or at my online gallery).  I wanted to give the appearance of a flock of flamingoes, so I cut out flamingoes in a variety of sizes for each shelf.

I cut them out and glued them into place carefully using Mod Podge.

The finished flamingo bookcase
The finished flamingo bookcase

As you can see, I also glued a large flamingo onto the outside of each side of the book case.  To protect them, I gave all the flamingoes two coats of Mod Podge.  I then gave the whole bookcase two coats of varnish.

The finished bookcase – a colourful and practical addition to Estelle’s bedroom. Continue reading


Two Colour Eider Duck Linocut

Eider duck linocut

Eider duck linocutI’ve just finished printing an edition of eider ducks linocut prints.  There were inspired by the eider ducks we saw while on holiday in Gardenstown.Gardenstown is a beautiful village up in the North East of Scotland.  It’s … Continue reading


Beautiful Things of Utility! Part 1 – Printed, drawstring bags

Drawstring bags

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been using the excuse of tidying up Estelle’s room to make different things which are both beautiful and useful!  Below you can see the drawstring bags I’ve been making by printing on fabric.Drawstring bags using some… Continue reading


Dragonfly Collograph Print

Dragonfly Print

Dragonfly CollographI’ve been wanting to experiment with creating collographs for a while using my press, and I decided to make a dragonfly themed collograph as I thought this would be a good opportunity to experiment with different textures on a water… Continue reading


Texture in Linocuts

Texture adds realism to this linocut of bats

It is important to make use of texture in linocuts, especially if it is a one colour linocut.  Texture adds interest and realism.  You can create texture by using different sized tools.  All of my Calendar of Scottish Wildlife prints mak… Continue reading


How to make a repeat pattern

How to make a repeat pattern linocut

In this post, I want to show how I create a linocut which can be put together to form a repeat pattern.  This kind of linocut needs to work in design terms both on it’s own, or as part of a repeat pattern. I’m going to go through the design proces… Continue reading

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