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At Three Bears Prints, both traditional and modern print making techniques are used. The final design is produced using a century old, hand operated press. Intensely coloured inks and carefully chosen papers are used to complement designs which are rich in pattern and texture

Linocutting is a technique where you use a piece of linoleum to create a piece of art.
1. Special tools are used to gouge out a design from Japanese lino.
2. A large roller is used to ink up the lino with a thin layer of ink.
3. Paper is laid on top of the lino and a press rolled over it.
4. The finished print is hung up to dry before it is signed.

What makes each print unique and different?
Each print turns out differently every time, depending on the colour and amount of ink, and the pressure used to lift the print.

Each print receives a number. 100 original prints, for example, were made of the red hen print. These prints are labelled from 1/100 up to 100/100. Once these 100 prints have been sold, no more prints will be produced.

How to Make a Linocut

You can download linocutting instructions
here and have a go yourself!

Linocutting Instructions